Sincere Natural Craftsmanship


Natural Ingredients. Natural Fermentation. 100% Crafted by Hand

Plain Sourdough

Naturally fermented dough made of flour, water, levain and sea salt only. No commercial yeast.

Moist, chewy, subtly sweet with a hint of sourness resulting from a sixteen-hour fermentation.

We proudly offer a broad variety of plain sourdough breads: Pain au Levain, Wholewheat and Rye.

Variations Rotate Daily.


Laminated Pastries

Brioche and Viennoise

Savory Scones and Muffins

Scandalous Cakes

Go for it.

Superfood Augmented Sourdough

Seeds, nuts, grains, fruits, herbs - Why not.


Let your bread become your daily source of omega-3, minerals and vitamins.

Of course, sixteen-hour fermentation. No commercial yeast.


Many of our pastries are gluten-free. Exotic and innovative, they are crafted in a GF facility using highest quality ingredients.

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